‘Bama Deserves 4th Spot

Some of the best forms of entertainment in collegiate football comes about in the debate of who is deserving of a playoff spot. This seasons had it’s share of twists and turns, but the first 3 spots were all decided, leaving the final decision to the either Ohio State or Alabama. In the end, the committee decided roll tide roll. Arguments soon followed.

Taking a look at the nitty gritty of it all, Alabama was the right pick for the 4th seed despite not winning their conference championship. Those who will clamor about Ohio State probably forgot a couple facts that also happened this year.

For starters, Alabama has only 1 loss compared to Ohio State’s 2. In fact, it’s crazy to think that when Alabama loses, (which is rare) it gets magnified times a million compared to other teams. This squad loses once in like 3 seasons and now they don’t deserve a shot?

What about Ohio State’s losses? Yeah losing to fellow playoff contender Oklahoma is respectable, but it was home, and how about getting blown out by Iowa 55-24? I mean has any playoff team ever been beaten so badly?

Fans of the Buckeyes will point to the last 2 games, winning against their rival Michigan while Bama couldn’t beat there’s, and than defeating undefeated Wisconsin. This is where the naked eye comes into play though.

Look at that Michigan game, Ohio State could have easily lost had it not been for a dreadful game by Wolverine’s quarterback John O’Korn. OSU left plenty of receivers wide open, Michigan just failed to capitalize.

They deserve all the credit for defeating Wisconsin in the Big 10 Championship, however, that was such a sloppy game played by them. Particularly from J.T. Barett and his 2 interceptions. That was the only thing keeping Wisconsin around.

Alabama steam rolls their competition and loses 1 game, but they shouldn’t be there? At least there loss to Auburn was on the road, against a greatly ranked team. So many other colleges get the chance to make it from 1 loss, yet Alabama doesn’t because we hold them to a higher standard? Come on.

One last thing you could bring up is both teams matchup’s with Clemson last year in the playoffs. It’s a new season, but the main components are still there such as the quarterbacks Barrett and Alabama’s Jalen Hurts. We won’t even have to mention that Alabama had already defeated them in the national championship in the prior season.

While both teams may have lost to Clemson on their championship dream 2016 season, there was a clear difference in opponent. Alabama lost on the literal last play of the game, a game for the ages that saw lead changes and phenomenal drives and a fight to win the entire night. Ohio State got embarrassed and demolished 31-0.

Had we seen a rematch of that, I’d be willing to bet it would be more or less of the same based on Ohio State has done lately and how Clemson handled Miami. With Alabama facing Clemson, we get that trilogy everyone has wanted since the series got tied 1-1. It may not be for the national championship, but it’s still pretty damn good.

It’s funny how in a game of football, where things are settled on the field, we let a group of judges decide who makes it to the big stage. It’s like some big dance competition based on what if’s and perception. If only we lived in a world where these two could just play it out in a game. This could be the case we need for an 8 team playoff, but right now it’s Alabama who gets to move on.


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