Maybe Jimbo Fisher Shouldn’t Go to SEC

It’s all but said and done, all that’s needed left is to sign on the dotted line (update: while I was writing this, he signed) and Jimbo Fisher will be the new head coach of Texas A&M. As exciting as it might be for Aggie fans and the Fisher family, the success coming along with it might not be what you think. If Jimbo wants to remain winning, he should stay in Tallahassee.

During most of his time at Florida State, Jimbo Fisher’s toughest competitor has always been Clemson and Dabo Swinney. A difficult foe for sure, but that’s only one team that you have to worry about in your conference schedule.

You know who you have to worry about in the SEC? Almost everyone in your conference. Oh yeah, that also includes this team called Alabama, a dominant power house that you have to deal with every year. You want to face them? Be my guest.

Yeah Clemson has gotten the best of you the past 3 years, but up until that span, you ran the ACC. You had the division in the palm of your hand, including a National Championship. If you move to the SEC conference, it’s a non stop blood bath.

Coaches like a challenge, but you can also make a case that it seems convenient that he has this chance right as the going got just a little tough for the Seminoles on a down year.

What’s so great about Texas A&M anyway? They’ve never really had any historical significance in their college football time. The Aggies have literally had one quarterback, change the face of the program (I think you can figure out who it is) and then went back to normal as soon as he entered the NFL draft.

Jimbo Fisher has been highly applauded as a great recruiting coach, he’s certainly going to earn his reputation here. How will he fair in a recruiting competiton with Nick Saban though? They say that Alabama doesn’t even recruit, the athletes ask to play for the Crimson Tide.

Not to mention you have a promising outlook on the horizon at FSU. This year for sure was a down year, there’s no denying that. Yet now you have your star quarterback Deondre Francois, coming back from injury for next season, and his backup James Blackman got a whole season of experience under his belt that he can use down the road if he gets a start once Francois graduates.

What’s a blessing and a curse for Fisher is he comes from the Saban coaching tree. It’s a blessing for all the obvious reasons of knowledge, but it’s a curse because Saban destroys all of his former associates. Just take a look when they went head to head at the first game of this season.

He may not survive the SEC, while the ACC has less to deal with. Though for $75 million dollars I’d play Alabama every single damn week if that’s what it took. Jimbo already won a title so he will always have the credit of legitimacy. He now has a chance to become a hero of a college football coach, at the same time could also erase fond memories of his winning times.


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