CBA Finally Gets It Right

So on 11/30/16, the MLB finally did something right in being able to avoid a lockout again. I truly believe that it is in the best interest of both parties to come to an agreement when they did, because with the 2016 World Series ending the longest drought in sports history, the only place to go for the state of baseball is up. And the World Champion Chicago Cubs surely did not want to have their dreams of winning back to back titles dashed and spit upon this soon after they reversed the curse. The full details of the new 5 year CBA are not yet public, but the main article that has caused a little more controversy than the MLB probably bargained for was the elimination of home field advantage based on the victor of the MLB All Star Game.

This past year, the Cubs had to endure four out of seven games in the belly of the beast against the red hot Cleveland Indians. Now that Chicago has its championship, some would argue that home field did not play a factor this year. But others will join my side of the discussion when I say “let the Cubs do it again next year and take the DH completely out of the equation”. Go NL!!

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