Fight Breaks Out between The Tigers And Yankees

This past  Thursday afternoon in the Motor City we saw a dugout clearing fight between the Detroit Tigers and the New York Yankees.  The fight got started when superstar first baseman Miguel Cabrera, took a swing at Austin Romine of the Yankees. Sports fans everywhere had thought the Mayweather VS  Mcgregor fight had come early with Miguel putting his hands up like he was ready to step in the ring and go 12 Rounds with the backup catcher of the Yankees. Along with Cabrera and Romine 6 other people were ejected including the managers for both the Tigers and the Yankees.



It all started out in the fifth Inning, Fulmer on the mound for the Tigers hit Gary Sanchez in the left hip after giving up a homer to Sanchez in the previous inning. The Yankees wanted retaliation, reliever Tommy Kahnle decided to rocket a pitch right behind Miguel Cabrera and was immediately thrown out of the game. This sent Yankees Manager Girardi onto the field, he started kicking dirt and making a scene while arguing the call and he too was thrown of the game.  At this time is where we see Cabrera and Romine exchange a few heated words before Cabrera kicks things off by pushing Romine and taking a swing leading to both teams clearing the dugouts and start wrestling at home plate like the Royal Rumble. The very next inning another Yankees Pitcher wanted more revenge and tossed a 98 MPH fastball at the batting helmet of tigers James McCann.  In the 8th we saw the last hit with a pitch of the night as Tigers Reliever Wilson hit Yankees Third Basemen Todd Frazier with another fastball. This leading to the ejection of Wilson and Tigers Manager Brad Ausmus and another clearing of the dugouts but no punches were thrown. As if tensions weren’t already high enough for the Tigers dealing with the Yankees, we saw a skirmish between Tigers Ace Justin Verlander and DH Victor Martinez where video captured Verlander flipping Martinez off. After all the fighting was done  both teams were able to finish the game with the Tigers coming out on top 10-6, but  suspensions are expected. The fight was entertaining to watch and now we wait to see what happens the next time these two teams step on a field again together. As the tigers hopes of the playoffs are pretty much over the Yankees will continue their push towards the postseason. 

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