Jose Fernandez gone but not forgotten

On Sunday morning around 9 in the am tragic news hit the airways that a young upcoming superstar for the Miami Marlins had passed. I got an ESPN alert on it saying that Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez was killed in a boating accident that occurred at 3 am early that morning. Jose was only 24 years old and already was loved by the fans and city of Miami, he was also the ace and bright spot in that pitching rotation. I thought it was a bad dream that I was going to wake up from and say it was a mistake or typo or just something but unfortunately it was all true. What hurts the most about this is that he was very young and him and his girlfriend are expecting a child in the near future, and that kid will never get to meet there daddy and it hurts for me to hear that. The entire team was at a press conference later in the day with manager Don Mattingly trying to hold back tears but had a difficult time talking to the media, and due to this accident the Marlins game was cancelled on Sunday afternoon.

I would like to talk about the season that Fernandez was having. He was selected to the 2016 all star game for the second time in his young career, where he and David Ortiz talked and he had said to David that he was his favorite baseball player. The emotional Ortiz cancelled his tribute in Tampa on Sunday to pay tribute to his friend Jose. Fernandez was 16-8 on the season with 253 strikeouts and was so dominant on the road and at home. His home record lifetime was 29-2, to me that is incredible for a pitcher to be that good in its first 31 home starts. We all wonder what could he have been? He would of been the best pitcher to come out of Cuba in a very long time honestly. But one last thing I leave everyone with is that he will be missed. Rest in peace Jose Fernandez gone to soon, rest easy and in peace, and keep smiling and giving your teammates luck in there future.

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