There’s no reason why the Red Sox shouldn’t get Giancarlo Stanton

As November winds to a close we approach early December where wheeling and dealing across Major League Baseball usually begins. And the big name on the market this year is obviously Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton. The Marlins new ownership wants to unload Stanton’s massive 13 year/325,000,000 contract. The most obvious fit by far for Stanton and the team that needs him the most are the Boston Red Sox. And there is absolutely positively no reason why he shouldn’t be at Fenway Park come April. I’ll go over the list of concerns with Stanton but reasons why the Red Sox need this player.

The Red Sox lack of power

The Red Sox ranked last in the American League in Home Runs in 2016 with 168 the league average was 211, almost 50 less than the average in the league. Only three teams in the National League had less and the National League has much bigger ballparks and the pitcher hitting once every three innings. If you watched the World Series you know the Red Sox are nowhere near the level if the Houston Astros or Los Angeles Dodgers. There is not a game-changing bat in their lineup, every single batter in the Red Sox lineup can be pitched to. That is a big issue.

I don’t want to hear about the contract

Yes, 325,000,000 is a massive deal, the Red Sox are the only team that would be able to assume the entire deal. The Dodgers payroll is already too big enough, and the Yankees are saving up for Bryce Harper. Furthermore, the Red Sox can have a payroll as big as those two teams if they choose to, and a year after staying under the Luxury Tax, Team President Dave Dombrowski has said he has heard nothing about that this year. The value of the franchise has at least AT LEAST tripled since this ownership group took over in 2001. The Red Sox are printing their own money on Yawkey Way that shouldn’t be an issue. Especially since Stanton has an opt out after 2020, and he will seek more money once Harper gets 400 million next winter

The more money you assume the less you’ll have to give up

It’s been reported that Bruce Sherman and Derek Jeter’s main priority is getting rid of Stanton’s deal. If they are so desperate to rid themselves of the mega-deal the less the Red Sox will have to give in return. It probably won’t include Andrew Benintendi or Rafael Devers. You could probably get him for a package of one of Jackie Bradley Jr. or Xander Bogaerts, and one of Jason Groome or Michael Chavis. 

Lack of attention

Last season the Red Sox led the AL East pretty much Wire to Wire, and the lack of interest in the team was palpable across Boston. Due to the fact it was a boring team that did nothing but slap opposite field singles death by a thousand paper cuts, and they lacked a giant figure and personality after David Ortiz retired. The Red Sox are envious of the Yankees not only due to the fact they have a better team, but the Yankees have a larger than life Super Duper Star in Aaron Judge. This is something the Red Sox care about that last time they were in this spot was December of 2000, they gave an eight-year 160 million dollar deal to Manny Ramirez…I think that worked

Now some people are concerned about the Red Sox History of bringing players from small markets, and Stanton’s durability. But for a talent like this, it’s a worthwhile risk.

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