Are the Celtics back down to Earth?

After coming off a tough loss the the Miami Heat the Celtics next game was at home facing the Orlando Magic. For the first time in a while the Celtics started the game with a commanding lead of their own. The Celtics started the first quarter hot with a 40 to 26 lead at the end of the first. The Celtics were lead in scoring by their newest star Kyrie Irving, and also last year rookie Terry Rozier. Terry was an underrated player coming from Louisiana University, at the point guard position. Going into the second quarter the Celtics scored another 33 points, and kept the Magic to only 21 points. The Celtics having a commanding lead going into half came out with the same fire. Out of half the Celtics scored another 26 points outscoring the Magic and keeping them to 22 points. The Celtics had another good quarter and end winning the game by a score of 118 to 103. The Celtics highest scorers were Kyrie Irving coming in with 30 points, Terry Rozier with 23, and finally Jayson Tatum and Aron Baynes coming in with 13 points.
The next game the Celtics played was against the Pacers who have been playing good recently. The Celtics were again back to their old ways and were down going into halftime. It was not looking good for the Celtics, but out of halftime the Celtics outscored the Pacers 37 to 16, and begin their comeback. The Celtics managed to edge out yet another win by a score of 108 to 98. The Celtics were yet again led by Kyrie and Terry Rozier, Kyrie having 25 points. Al Horford was second in scoring coming in with 21 points. Finally Terry Rozier having another good game had 17 points in this game.
Next game the Celtics would play one of the top teams in the east, in the Pistons. The Pistons had new guard Avery Bradley due to an offseason trade with the Celtics and the Pistons. This game would be Avery’s first game back in the garden after 7 years as a Celtic. The first quarter was a very back and forth game, but the Pistons held a small lead for most of the quater. The second quarter went more of the way to the Celtics, but they were still down going into the half. Out of the half the Celtics began to fall apart, but looking good for the Celtics was Marcus Smart. Marcus Smart looking more like Steph Curry finished with 23 points in the game. The Celtics lost this game by a score of 118 to 108. The Celtics look like they are back down to Earth and looking more like a good team in the east. I think that the Celtics are back down to Earth, but will still continue to be a powerhouse of a team in the east.


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