Captains Will Now Draft Teams For NBA All-Star Game

All of the haters towards NBA All-Star games will have to find something else to complain about now as the league has shifted the plans for the event. Much like other leagues have done in the past, the NBA will now have a draft to decide both teams, each one having their own respective captain. I’m all for this.

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise since everyone has tried to spice up the league’s All-Star games for years now. The largest gripe is no one actually tries, and there’s no defense. Now we can get East and West guys on thee same team not trying together!

Who doesn’t like fantasy teams of someone like LeBron James playing with Kevin Durant? Along side the star power, a combo of managing personalities hopefully will rise to the surface.

Pettiness is as common in the NBA as grabbing a cup of coffee for your daily commute to work. We can get numerous combinations of endearing excitement, but more importantly, there’s an opportunity for some nice unincumbered bitterness.

How great would it be if James Harden picked John Wall over his own teammate Chris Paul? Let’s get Anthony Davis going against his own teammate DeMarcus Cousins. Sign me up for that.

Here’s what we must get though as far as the captains are concerned…

I would love to have team LeBron vs. team Kyrie, or a KD lead squad against Russell Westbrook. Let’s bring these real life off the court hatred and shine it bright in front of the masses, that’s the real stuff I want to see. This might be the way to do it if you want the players to go hard.

Eventually I’m sure this format will change to NBA legends being the captains to avoid some of the awkwardness that can come about of this. If that becomes the case, my dream would be Shaq vs. Kobe. One day this all has to come to fruition.


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