The Celtics Continue to Roll

The Celtics continue to be a dominating team winning 15 in a row. Against the Brooklyn Nets the Celtics star Kyrie Irving returns after a blow to the face, fracturing a bone in his eye socket. For the first time in this while masked Kyrie made another appearance, this time not feeling the mask, but still dropping 25 points. The Celtics played a great game overall, but the whole game did not go the Celtics way. The Celtics were down for most of the second quarter, but still managed to get by the Nets with a score of 109 to 102. The next game the Celtics had to play was against the defending champs, the Golden State Warriors. This game was going to be one for the books proving that the Celtics had what it takes, or showing that the Celtics truly had the luck on their side. The Celtics went into this game with a 13 game win streak after losing their first two games of the season. The Celtics only had out Gordon Hayward, but they were used to this since Hayward has been out the whole season. The Celtics started off neck and neck with the Warriors till the second quarter. During the second quarter and most of the third quarter the Warriors began to grab a commanding lead in the game. The Celtics looked like their win streak was truly just luck with some skill involved. The Celtics once trailing as much as 17 points,but they began to came back. The night before the game Jaylen Brown’s childhood friend Trevin Steede passed away. In the fourth quarter Kyrie passed the ball to Brown and said “this one is for Trevin”, Brown said that words meant a lot to him, and it clicked in his head. After Kyrie said that to Jaylen, He started going crazy. Jaylen Brown almost single handedly got the Celtics back into the game. Jaylen Brown going crazy getting steals, blocks, and a whole lot of points. The Celtics ended the game with a big contribution by Kyrie Irving, and Al Horford. The Celtics won the game by a close score of 92 to 88. The next game the Celtics played was against The Atlanta Hawks. In the first quarter the first place team the Celtics, were more playing like the worst team in the league. Although the Celtics were getting a good number of steals, and getting good offensive time they could not hit a shot. The Celtics were down by 16 at one point in the game, and it was not looking good. The Celtics were once again led in their comeback by Jaylen Brown. The Celtics came out of half time actually making their shots. The Celtics began to shoot lights out, and claw back into the game. The Celtics ended up winning their 15th straight game by a score of 110 to 99.


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