Celtics for 3!

After the Celtics come off a more clutch win against the Detroit Pistons the Celtics next game was going to be a good one to watch. The Celtics were playing another of the east’s young up and coming teams. The Celtics were playing the Philadelphia 76ers who have been playing great recently. Most fans of the NBA know that in the past years the 76ers have been one of the worst teams in the league. The 76ers are in the rebuilding process and for the first season in a while it is starting to look good for the squad. The 76ers picked up new rookie Ben Simmons from LSU. The 76ers also have a new deadly three-point shooter in JJ Redick. The Celtics came out in the first quarter stealing the ball, and getting a lot of fast break points. The Celtics kept their lead going into the half with a score of 44 to 54 in the Celtics favor. The Celtics have had a problem this year in either not having enough in the first then tearing in up in the second half, but just coming up short or vice versa. In this game coming out of the half it was looking like the Celtics were going to fall apart and manage to lose this game. In the third quarter the Celtics were outscored by a score of 27 to 22. The Celtics lost their big lead and were only up by 5 points making it only a two possession game. This game became a real interesting game until the fourth quarter. The Celtics went on a big run and hit clutch shots. The Celtics out scored the 76ers in the fourth by a score of 32 to 26, to end off winning the game 108 to 97. The Celtics were led by their highest game, but were not as good guarding on the perimeter. scorer of Kyrie Irving coming in with a amazin 36 points.
The Celtics now were back to winning in a an efficient manner. The Celtics next challenge was against the Phoenix Suns. This game was at the TD garden, and the last time Devin Booker he scored a career high 7o points with the highest scoring game in the NBA since Kobe scored 81 points in 2006. The Celtics played a good defensive. Regardless of Devin Booker fouling out of the game in the fourth quarter he still managed to score a wapping 38 points leading his team. On the other side of the court the Celtics scoring was more spaced out and even. The Celtics leading scorer in Kyrie Irving only scored 19 in the game. Although Kyrie was still the highest scorer Jaylen Brown and Marcus Morris were just 2 points behind him with 17 points.Jayson Tatum also had a good game with 15 points, and shooting lights out.
The Boston Celtics are back on the winning path, but there next game would be a tough one. The Celtics were facing the Milwaukee Bucks, who was their second loss of the season. After the Celtics lost their first game the Cavs they lost their next game to the Bucks before going on their big winning streak. The Celtics would have a tough defensive match in trying to guard the greek freak in Giannis Antetokounmpo. In a lot of peoples opinion the greek freak should be or will be the MVP this season. Giannis has been averaging a double-double with scoring nearly 30 points per game. In the game Giannis score a wapping 40 points in the Bucks loss against the Celtics this time. Yet again Kyrie Irving scored 32 points in the Celtics victory of 111 to 100.

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