Cleveland Cavaliers are making a mistake by starting Dwayne Wade

The Cleveland Cavaliers have announced that Dwayne Wade will start for the team at Shooting Guard, I feel this is a mistake by Tyronn Lue and here is why.

Wade is not the player he use to be I know he averaged 18 points a game last year for the Chicago Bulls by the end of the year he was spent, in their first-round series vs the Boston Celtics despite averaging 15 points in the six games he couldn’t get up and down the floor, he was not a reliable option for the Bulls to play while resting Jimmy Butler. The Bulls who have stripped down to nothing let Wade, Butler and Rajon Rondo go as they begin a rebuild. Wade not reuniting with Lebron James in Cleveland, I personally feel that the Cavs would be better off having Wade come off the bench behind J.R. Smith. The Cavs end goal should be to keep Wade’s minutes per game under 30 minutes ideally under 25.

Wade might be 35 but his knees might as well be 55. Wade’s value to this team will obviously in the postseason, even though he isn’t the player we know him as I still fear him late in the game as a Boston Celtics fan hitting a big shot. However, if the Cavs have run him into the ground I fear him a lot less then I would if he was fresh. And I now fear that the Cavs are going to run him into the ground. This Cavaliers team has unreal depth across the board they have many players who could start on any other team. The Cavs might do the same thing they are going to do to Wade to Derrick Rose in Isaiah Thomas absence. I do feel this team has a chance to top the Golden State Warriors this year but they need their veterans to be fresh come June to do so, and I don’t feel they will be at this rate.


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