Cleveland Offseason Finally Coming Together

After a second finals loss in the past three years, the Cleveland Cavaliers needed a big offseason to get them back in the finals, and match the star power of the Warriors. The start of the offseason was horrible. After reaching for trades for both Paul George and Jimmy Butler that both failed, the Cavaliers then fired their General Manager David Griffin. No BlockBuster Trade and no General Manager had the Cleveland Cavaliers fan base was looking for answers.

Up until this point the only notable signing was backup point guard Jose Calderon. The offseason then turned from subpar to awful as their second best player and starting point guard asked to be traded. Kyrie Irving trade rumors sent shockwaves around the NBA and sports world with almost every team in the league giving the Cavs a call to hope they could win the Kyrie Irving Sweepstakes.

With one of their superstars on the trading block and no big offseason acquisitions, the cavs were looking for the next move. It was then the first piece of the puzzle came together. Cleveland was able to sign former MVP recipient Derrick Rose to the roster. This was a great addition to help bolster the bench of the Cavaliers.  

Now Rose is not the same player he was back in 2011 when he won the mvp but he can still produce when he is on the court. He averaged 18 points and 4 assists last year for the Knicks. Though he has not played a full 82 games since his MVP season if he can stay healthy on the Cavs he should be the leader of the second unit.

On August 22nd, the Cavaliers made a big move by agreeing with the Celtics to send Kyrie Irving to Boston and Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and a first round pick to the Cavaliers. Although the Cavs gave up Kyrie Irving, they got the better end of the trade and added a superstar and depth to their roster. Jae Crowder will be great support off the bench and while Isaiah  may not be as good as Kyrie, he is still a top ten point guard and a freak on the offensive end of the ball.

The Cavs have now added three back up players to their bench and traded for another superstar. This offseason wasn’t the one they were hoping for after a finals loss, but they turned into a positive one heading into the 2017 season. Rumors have it around the league that if Dwyane Wade can reach a buyout with the Bulls, he may be on the first flight to Cleveland to reunite with his old teammate and banana boat buddy, to sign with the Cavaliers.

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