Golden State Warriors Are A Mirror Image of the 2010-11′ Miami Heat

Calm down, calm down everyone and take a deep breath. Some of you may be jumping for joy because the Golden State Warriors got pounded by the San Antonio Spurs 129-100 on opening night, but I’m here to tell you to relax. You may forget but we have seen this exact example before about 6 years ago during the 2010-2011 season with the original super team Miami Heat.

A brand new NBA team is like building a house, it’s not gonna be finished in one day. There is a foundation that needs to built first brick by brick. The addition of Kevin Durant to the Warriors though huge on a grand scale, also meant that role players like Festus Ezeli and Andrew Bogut needed to be moved to sign him, so while the starting lineup is rather familiar sans Durant, the bench has many new players as well. The 2010-2011 Miami Heat on the other hand had an almost entirely new starting five thanks to the addition of LeBron James and Chris Bosh. Both teams had a learning curve for starters and reserve players, Golden State is currently amidst theres.

You might recall on that opening night over a half decade ago that the Heat lost their opening game in Boston to the Celtics, everyone thought it was the most amazing thing that could happen. It was like some great Christmas jubilation to some people and that’s exactly how many felt when the Warriors went down. That Heat team like the Warriors of course were just figuring out how to play with each other as a team, they needed to find a rhythm and pace which is not established by one game and that’s why for both super teams it was the worst case scenario to play a team like the Celtics and Spurs. These teams at the time were both older veteran teams who for the most part have played together for a few years to have built chemistry and great coaching. The Celtics had there big three with and Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett, the Spurs have the best coach in basketball Gregg Popovich along with a budding star Kawhi Leonard and cagy championship winning point guard Tony Parker. These two teams have been there and done that, so neither would be scared taking up the new kids on the block that are considered the hottest thing in the game.

Next some revisionist history may show you that the Heat ended up going 9-8 through the beginning part of the NBA season, something not a person thought would happen. Many believed they would surpass the 96′ Chicago Bulls number of wins in a season. What happened next though is that the Heat went on a rampant dominance for the next 4 seasons before LeBron left to go home. Does anyone care or remember that Heat struggled early in their first season together? No not really. The Warriors will be fine once they realize how to play together, finding roles for Draymond Green may change but it will be done. Even on that opening night the Warriors weren’t awful, they just didn’t hit some shots. Durant and Steph Curry had fine games though Klay Thompson struggled just a little bit. Again, it’s all just feeling it out for the first month or two, they will know more about each other and grow to become one forceful unit. So enjoy your mocking of the Warriors now while it last this early, because when they put it all together just like the Heat did they’re going to be a fire (pun intended) that you can’t put out.


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