Kyrie Beats LeBron at his Own Game

For once the tables are being turned on LeBron James, the best player in the league is getting left by another instead of  him leaving a team as we have been accustomed to seeing. LeBron has set the precedent that players dictate where they want to go despite what a contract says.

Because of rumors that LeBron will jump ship for Los Angeles or somewhere else after this season, Kyrie Irving has decided to leave the Cavaliers before LeBron leaves him in the dust with nothing around him.

It’s the classic “I’m gonna break up with you, before you break up with me” relationship scenario. I don’t blame Irving for his motives, in fact I even support it. You can’t rely on LeBron to remain in Cleveland, he has a track record of leaving already and his consistency of signing 1 year deals without notifying anyone else of his plans would leave you uneasy as well.

Imagine if it were LeBron departing right now? Kyrie would be stuck like quicksand with 3 years on his deal and nothing but broken down veterans on his team besides the help of Kevin Love and J.R. Smith. Also, there would be no draft picks because you got rid of them in order to bring back LeBron.

Poor Kevin Love too, finally he has an offseason where he is not intermingled in any trade rumors, only to find out his team is breaking apart and no one is even thinking or relying on him.

Kyrie Irving’s mindset is absolutely the right move. He already has his ring, thanks to a shot that he made, so he never has to worry about the Charles Barkley syndrome of being a great player that never won the big title. He just wants to be the #1 guy again, no shame in that.

He’s seeing what guys like John Wall are making because of their statistical output even though they’re playing for underperforming teams. I think we forget sometimes that every player in the NBA plays for different reasons, I’m not saying Kyrie’s motives is playing just for money at all, but it doesn’t hurt to get paid a lot of money while being the top guy either.

You could make the argument that Kyrie should have stayed for 1 more year to take on the Warriors again in the Finals. While there’s a case to be made, I think Irving see’s the writing on the wall. The Cavs haven’t improved at all in the offseason and have no assets to trade other than Kevin Love for another superstar.

Let me ask you though, in a hypothetical where the Cavaliers were somehow able to acquire Carmelo Anthony but lose Kevin Love in the deal, does that make them better? I would say maybe slightly better, but not enough to beat the Warriors. Even if the Cavs had both Love and ‘Melo on the same squad, that might not be able to defeat the Warriors either. Again, this is hypothetical because Cleveland has no assets.

I’m not buying this “LeBron wants to fight Kyrie” crap that’s being spewed out in the news today. It’s the summer, which means people will cling to anything for a story. Does LeBron look like the kinda guy that would fist fight another NBA player if he saw him on the street? Absolutely not.

What is pertinent though is Kyrie better get traded before camp starts, there’s no way this can linger for longer than that. The biggest loser in this whole mess are the Cavaliers, they get left with nothing and ravaged of draft picks.

LeBron will suffer for 1 year and than head to what ever team suits him best, no sweat off his back. Can’t be mad at Kyrie for what he’s doing to LeBron though when LeBron has done all this before and would do it again back to Kyrie. He was just quicker to the punch.


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