Sweet 16 and What!?

The Boston Celtics win their 16th straight game, but what is to come next? After the Celtics won their 15th straight game their next challenge was against the Dallas Mavericks. Although, the Mavericks have the worst record in the league the Celtics got a run for their money. The Mavericks played the Celtics very close all game, and even bringing the game into overtime. The Celtics star Kyrie Irving led the team’s scoring by scoring a whopping 47 points with the mask on. The Celtics next game was against the Miami Heat. The Heat this year has been struggling. They have been struggling ever since their star players left the team. As most know the Heat’s star LeBron James left the team to go back home to his original team of the Cleveland Cavaliers. This player leaving came with a lot of hate, LeBrons jerseys were burned in a very hateful way. Next to leave was their next biggest player in Dwyane Wade. Dwyane Wade also known as D-Wade left the team to go to the Chicago Bulls. Their next star for the Miami Heat did not have a choice to leave the team. Chris Bosh had a career ending condition, with having blood clots. Chris Bosh although retiring there still could be a possibility that he will return. The Heat is in a rebuilding time in their franchise, but still have a record of just under .500. This game was not going to be an easy one for the Celtics. The Heat still have up and coming star Hassan Whiteside, and he planned on leading his team into victory. Once again in the first quarter the Celtics got into a big hole yet again being down by 16 points. As part of the Celtics nation we are all used to this play. Although being used to this, this game seemed to go different as the whole second quarter also going the way of the Heat. The Celtics nation is used to the end of the second half going the Celtics way and the team carrying that motion into the third quarter. The Celtics did not seem to have this emotion tonight, but the Heat had the fire to out work the C’s. At halftime the Celtics announcer Tommy Heinsohn quoted saying “The Celtics are down by 16, but it seems like they have the game right where they want it”. The Celtics usually down at half, but in this game they showed no sign of coming back until the fourth quarter. It seemed whatever the Celtics did this game was just too little too late. The Celtics usually coming back at the end of the second did not start their run until late in the third quarter. The C’s trailing most of the game did not get the game in their favor until early in the fourth quarter. The Celtics run in the fourth was just too little and their winning streak snapping after 16 games, losing by a score of 104 to 98.


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