The Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics are in my opinion one of the best up and coming teams. The Boston Celtics are not only off to a great start in this 2017 season, but they are looking ahead to the future as well. The Celtics have started off first in the eastern conference with a record of 14 wins and only 2 losses. In the first game of the season one of the Celtics biggest signed players in the off season (Gordon Hayward) had a very unfortunate injury. In the first quarter of the Celtics season opener against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Hayward went up for a dunk and came down hard fracturing his left tibia and dislocated his left ankle in a gruesome way. This game was highly anticipated due to one of the biggest off season trades in the NBA this offseason. The trade had Kyrie Irving going to the Celtics for Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic, and Nets’ 2018 unprotected first round pick going to the Cavs. The trade has helped the Celtics greatly, but surprisingly has not helped the Cavs. Not only are the Celtics off to a great start, but they are also looking ahead to their future. Along with Gordon Hayward being out in the season, recently Al Horford received a blow to the head and was out for 2 games. In the second game of his absence Kyrie Irving received a hard blow to the face in the first quarter by Aron Baynes and suffered a facial fracture. This injury had us without our big 3 (Al Horford, Gordon Hayward, and Kyrie Irving) the rookies and our new bench players had to step up. Jaylen Brown already proving himself, along with Jayson Tatum stepped up big time to help beat the Hornets for the Celtics 11th straight win. Stepping up was also Shane Larkin having a great contribution to the team, and also was Terry Rozier. This win showed that the Celtics can even win without their big name players. The coach Brad Stevens already has a history coaching Gordon Hayward, and Kyrie Irving, this history along with the players feeling the love from Celtics nation I believe that they plan on staying for a long time, and maybe even ending their careers with the Celtics. The Celtics are not only having a good start, or having a bright future, but the Celtics have one of the greatest pasts in basketball history. The Boston Celtics have some of the greatest to ever play the game. The Celtics biggest name player to ever play for their organization was Larry Bird. The Boston Celtics are the team that has won the most NBA championships at 17 titles. The Celtics also have the player who has won the most NBA championships coming in at 11 titles in his 13 years in the league. This is why I believe that the Celtics are well set right now, and their future is bright too.

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