A.J. Derby Makes Catch of the Season (So Far)

Wow, just wow.

I needed to comment on this in case people missed it, there was an array of football on the tube this week so I could see how it fell to the wayside in a 16-10 game. This catch by A.J. Derby has to be the leader in the club house for catch of the year right now.

We’re all suckers for 1 handed catches, whether you like it or not. Lord knows Odell has given us enough over the years, and who could forget the Randy Moss bomb from back in 2010.


This grab by Derby though is phenomenal for the added element that not only did he make a 1 handed grab on the run, he was able to stay in bounds in said stride, reaching the end zone all while continuing with that lone hand on the ball. Incredible body balance. One of those kind of plays that you execute maybe 3 out of 10 times.

Hell, the Raiders ran a failed fake punt from their own 10 yard line and this was still only the 2nd craziest play of that game!

What a way to score your 1st touchdown. This guy A.J. Derby is from Iowa as well, some great people live there so I feel like it’s a win for that state along with Denver Broncos fans.

We certainly have a candidate for catch of the year. Let’s get a couple more next week.


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