Bad Offense Leading the NFL

There have been various storylines going through the pipeline of the NFL through 2 weeks. As exciting as it is to have football back in our lives, we have found more than a majority of games becoming a boring stalemate of sub par offense.

Week 2 gave us games such as:

-Panthers 9 Bills 3 in a touchdown less game

-Seahawks 12 49ers 9, a shootout for the ages where the only touchdown game in the 4 quarter.

-A battle of ineptitude saw the Cardinals defeat the Colts in overtime 16-13 by way of an interception on the opening overtime drive.

-The Chargers lost another close game again, thanks to a missed end of regulation field goal final of 19-17. Another low scoring game.

-Lastly, we had the Thursday night debacle, and whatever the hell you wanna call the Giants offense on their Monday Night Football loss.

Bottom line here: The offense is offensive right now in the NFL.

It’s an interesting parallel that we have here, because as the league has shifted the rules to favor quarterbacks and the offense on pass plays in general, the play of quarterbacks has overly digressed.

Unless you have a premiere quarterback, the lack of qb’s has faulted many teams, hurting the offense. This is some irony. What’s scary though here is that some of the team’s who are not scoring points already have top notch quarterbacks.

Cam Newton was a MVP 2 seasons ago, Russell Wilson has a Super Bowl. Others like Phillip Rivers have always been considered a top 10 quarterbacks. What’s been going on here?

Obviously, this will all change as the games move forward and more repetition attempts get going. Someone recovering from offseason injuries like Newton should certainly increase his productivity.

I can’t remember the last time there’s been such a lack of scoring in the NFL like this. Even the blowouts are like 40 to 10. We have the Bengals still not recording a touchdown after 2 games at home, and yet the Los Angeles Rams are remaining competitive.

Thankfully we have 14 weeks to go and lots of room for improvement. It’s no time to panic but should be something that is kept in the back of our minds. Now if this starts happening to the Atlanta Falcons or the Saints, then we hit the panic button.

Out of the 16 games played this week, only 1 losing team managed to score over 21 pts. That was the Green Bay Packers in a garbage time toucdown. Let’s not make this mistake about it either, it’s not overbearing defenses overwhelmingly dominating an opponent. This is sloppy offense trotting out on the field.


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