Bill Belichick just made the biggest mistake of his career

A blockbuster trade in the NFL has taken place as the New England Patriots have traded Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to the San Francisco 49ers for a 2018 2nd Round Pick. Belichick has made a lot of big moves in his career, cutting Lawyer Milloy days before the season opener in 2003, trading Deion Branch during a contract dispute in 2006, letting Adam Vinaterri who won the team two Super Bowl’s walk in free agency, trading Richard Seymour before the start of the 2009 season, trading Logan Mankins before the 2014 season, and just last year trading Jamie Collins at the trade deadline. Most have worked out for the greatest coach of all time, I am telling you right now mark the tape on October 30th of 2017 this one will not.

Garoppolo in the short bits he has played has looked like a legit NFL QB. And I know Tom Brady is still playing at an extremely high level but the fact of the matter is he is 40 years old, he won’t play like this forever, in fact I think he has slightly dropped off this year in his accuracy, Belichick must believe Brady has more left in the tank then most if he is making this move. I feel he is wrong and I know what people will say “WHO ARE YOU TO QUESTION THE GREATEST FOOTBALL MIND OF ALL TIME” Well I am here to give my opinion and the FACT of the matter is nothing is more important to any NFL team than the Quarterback position. There have been plenty of teams that felt they were in great shape to replace their great QB’s when they retired and they were wrong, the Miami Dolphins still haven’t replaced Dan Marino, the Buffalo Bills still haven’t replaced Jim Kelly, The Cleveland Browns have been on the search for a Quarterback since Bernie Kozar, heck the Chicago Bears haven’t replaced Sid Luckman. It was back in the spring that the Browns offered the Patriots a hefty package for Garoppolo, a lot more then a 2nd round pick so at the very least this is a massive mismanagement of an asset.

I hate this Belichick screwed up period, Bill you got this wrong, you got it wrong

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