Bills Royally Squander Future Hopes

No one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills am I right?  A team in the hunt for a playoff spot may have just eliminated themselves by providing their own unwarranted, unnecessary, full blown team controversy. All at the most important position in football.

To say their plan of starting rookie QB Nathan Peterman over Tyrod Taylor backfired would be an understatement. In fact, it would be disrespectful to the word backfire, because it did so much more than that. What the Bills did may have just created a new word in the dictionary.

It’s blasphemous to me that a team, who, before yesterday’s game was sitting in the last wild card position at 5-4, would bench their quarterback in favor of someone who’s literally never thrown a pass in a professional regular season game before.

All on the road no less, against a team known for having a great d-line and one of the best pass rushers in the game in Joey Bosa. Preposterous to say the least, and when Peterman went out there he looked exactly like what most would have expected, a rookie.

Just a LeBron James once famously said: “Not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4”.

Yep. Exactly.

5 first half interceptions in your career debut from a controversial decision at the get-go. Oh my goodness what a horrendous outing. I feel bad for Nathan Peterman, I really do. His confidence has to be shattered right now, and the Bills just took 15 steps back in their team progression.


That must of been an awkward conversation when you have to put your tail between your legs and ask Tyrod to start after halftime.

I get that Buffalo needed a spark after getting their doors blown off the hinges the last 2 weeks to the Saints and Jets. Tyrod Taylor didn’t need to be the fall guy though. It wasn’t just the offensse struggling, it was the entire team.

Here’s a little secret, Tyrod Taylor doesn’t play on the defensive side of the ball. He was not responsible for letting up 47 to the Saints while you’re at home.

I also understand that it has looked like T-Mobile will not be around next season, so they want to see what they have with the new kid. You have to pick your spots though, and that spot wasn’t while you still have a winning record and a playoff seeding in the distance.

All this does now is give the world the reason to once again laugh at the Buffalo Bills. The coach looks foolish for making such a move, and overall it’s an embarrassing event that the team certainly won’t be happy having to talk about it to reporters.

The last name Peterman just sounds like a timidly shaking quarterback destined to commit multiple turnovers in a backup role. I mean where did he play college football? Pittsburgh? Not exactly the craziest offense to take the field in an average 16-10 career for him as a starter.

Peterman’s claim to fame will be defeating an undefeated last season. Has his football career already peaked? Well he’s already back to the bench as coach Sean McDermott said Tyrod will start next week against the Kansas City Chiefs. Yeah, like he had a choice after such a scrutizning decision.


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