Bitter-Sweet Brawl Takes on in Oakland

This past Sunday, numerous brawls broke out between the Denver Broncos taking on the Oakland Raiders in Oakland, California. The fight originated due to previous altercations between Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib and Raiders wide Receiver Michael Crabtree. Both players have been known to spark these kinds of altercations, as they got into each others’ faces last year as well. After a quick route by Crabtree, things quickly got out of hand as the two began to grab each other’s shoulder pads, ending in Crabtree shoving Talib to the sidelines. Talib also snagged Crabtree’s gold chain, the second incident of Talib doing this to Crabtree.

The game quickly got out of hand from there, as numerous players from both sides rushed over in attempt to the break-up the fighting. Players such as Domato Peko for the Broncos and Gabe Jackson for the Raiders also got involved, throwing a few shoves each. Both Crabtree and Talib were ejected from the contest, and Aqib Talib was escorted off the field by Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch.

This fight led to the ultimate demise of the Broncos, as they now had to play the rest of the game without their top three cornerback. The Broncos allowed 14 points in just first half and allowed 9.4 yards per pass. The Broncos did not score until the last quarter of the game, as quarterback Trevor Siemian led the Denver offense down the field twice for two touchdowns. Starting quarterback Paxton Lynch was taken out of the game earlier with an ankle injury, and will be out another two to four weeks to heal.

On the other side of the ball, the Raiders had a great day all around. Quarterback Derek Carr threw for 253 yards and two touchdowns as he led his team to their fifth win of the season. The Raiders defense also did well, allowing only 3.5 yards per rush followed by a touchdown-saving interception in the endzone.

It was announced earlier today that both Aqib Talib and Michael Crabtree are suspended two games for their misconduct. Numerous players from both sides put in their opinion on the situation, particularly from the Denver side. Broncos linebacker Von Miller quoted, “I’m wasting a prime year…” after the Broncos took their sixth consecutive loss of the season to the Raiders. Broncos cornerback Chris Harris Jr. also told reporters that Crabtree did in fact, “sucker-punch” him in a previous altercation, and he needed to be attended to by medical trainers. The Broncos now travel to Miami to try and win their fourth win of the season over the Miami Dolphins, who are also coming off a tough loss to the New England Patriots.

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