Chris Thompson Rising Through the Ranks

We have ourselves a case of triumph over previous tribulations over in the Nation’s capital. The Redskins running back questions over the past few years looks to soon resolved as Chris Thompson has risen onto the scene into the scene as a budding star.

In his 5th year, Thompson has overcame being cut by this same Redskins team, to tearing up the Raiders defense on Sunday Night Football.

As a matter of fact, Thompson has 4 touchdowns in the past 2 games while amassing over 300 yards. It’s only 3 games in, but it looks as if Thompson’s stock is trending upwards.

Finally someone is grabbing the brass ring in the backfield for Washington. They haven’t had a real reliable back since Clinton Portis was steaming head 1st down the field.

Thompson is more of a scat back, but that’s way the NFL is heading towards anyway. He might not kill you in between the numbers, though give him an inch of space and you can make a reservation for 6 in the end zone.

Other than rookies Kareem Hunt and Dalvin Cook making a huge splash onto the scene, it’s been Thompson is bursting larger than everyone’s gut after a Thanksgiving feast. Thompson’s perseverance from getting cut and predominantly playing special team’s roles, to premiere #1 back on the team is that underdog hard working story that you wanna read about.

He is what they call an “all purpose back”. You might see the Redskins keep Rob Kelley at the starting back but Chris Thompson will be the one that has his name all over the stat sheet. They must give him the ball as much as they can if they would like to continue defeating large level teams.


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