Eli in Jacksonville is The Right Match

The sad circus of the Giants has finally come to an end after the firing of coach Ben McAdoo and GM Jerry Reese. There’s no need to rehash all that went on, as I’m sure you’re aware by now about the controversial benching of Eli Manning. Now that it’s evident that New York is going in a different direction from their decorated prolific quarterback, Eli needs a new home.

How other teams with needs of a quarterback view Manning will be an interesting one. A couple of quarterbacks including Alex Smith and Kirk Cousins may hit the market this summer, so Manning isn’t the only big fish in the market. There’s always the route of drafting as well.

Manning isn’t the same QB who has 2 Super Bowl MVP’s, but he also isn’t absolute trash either. The Giants have been awful this year, and that’s not all because of him. It’s a combination of injured wide recivers, bad coaching, a terrible offensive line, and no running game. You may forget the year before that Manning helped the Giants get to 11-5. The point is Eli has value if he’s in the right place.

That’s why a reunion with now Jaguars president Tom Coughlin seems like a perfect match to go tougher like salt and pepper or wine and cheese.

Here’s what the Jags give Manning as an upgrade over the Giants right now. They have a horse of a running back in Leonard Fournette, a receiving group that is formidable, a much easier AFC South division than the largely competetive NFC East, and lastly, a dominant defense that will keep you, if not carry you, in any game. Calais Campbell might even win defensive player of the year.

All the Jaguars have right now is a fledgling Blake Bortles, 5 years in his career. I’m a fan of Bortles’ wikipedia club, but his play on the field has held the Jags back even at an 8-4 record.

Manning has proven he can lead a team if he doesn’t have to do everything on his own. The perfect defense would be around him, and he would have enough talent by his side to run a productive offense, especially using Fournette.

His brother Peyton Manning did the exact same thing during his last 2 years with the Denver Broncos and it got hime another Super Bowl. Just take a page out of his playbook, you’ve been behind his shadow most of your career anyway, even while playing in a New York market.

The Jags could use a different quarterback with more managerial ability, and Eli needs a change after the stink of how the Giants treated him. The pairing with Coughlin ties together the bow of a feel good story. Let’s face it, everyone in the northeast goes to Florida when the’yre ready for retirement anyway.

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