Fight Night Reaches Football

Things got testy out there in the NFL this week as some of football’s star players lost their cool out on the gridiron. Some players aren’t unfamiliar with getting caught up in the mix of a foray, yet others were surprising to see them punching like it was a big money draw in Vegas.

Even besides the major fights that we saw, their were many scuffles all over the slate of games this week. Red Zone did a great job capturing most it. It opened the floodgates for those who lust for blood like an old school hockey fight.

First off, we had a blindside chokehold by an unsuspecting culprit, A.J. Green. Not only did he try to choke Jalen Ramsey twice, you can also see him going after him in the dog pile throwing in some punches:

A.J. Green has always struck me as the calm, cool, collected kinda guy. Everyone knows how talented he is, but he was always that guy who didn’t talk much and just balled out game to game like a Julio Jones. Seeing him flip out like this was a bit of a shock.

The Cincinnati Bengals have severely underachieved this year, especially on offense, I bet there was much pent up emotion behind this.

Now the Jaguars defense has this new cofindent swagger behind them. Ramsey is breaking out into a top player on this team. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was nagging at Green all day until he finally had enough. They don’t call them “Sacksonville” for nothing, this only helps their brand.

Next up we have some players that you don’t really bat an eyelash at hearing their name in the news: Mike Evans and Jameis Winston

Couple of things here jump out to me right away. At this point in the game Jameis was out with a shoulder injury, so 1. Why is he even thinking about getting caught up in an on the field moment and 2. If you’re hurt, shouldn’t you be in the locker room?

I mean this is also the guy who was suspended for a game at Florida State and yet still showed up in full pads thinking he could warm up with everybody. I’m a fan of Jameis Winston but he really does some unexplainably dumb things sometimes.

Now Mike Evans is no stranger to physical altercation either. You may recall he was involved in a fight caught on tape outside a Miami club just a month after being drafted by the Buccaneers. The video, however, was from back in March. This blind side hit though, not very ideal.

Surely people will try to spin this as sticking up for his quarterback, but Jameis put himself in that situation by provoking, and he didn’t need to throw punches at the Saints player either. Evans pretty much jumped from the top rope to launch at him, just a littleee unnecessary there. He has been suspended for 1 game because of it.

Now the 4:00 games. Fight #3

Classic case of a questionable hit on a sliding quarterback. I don’t think the hit by Antoine Bethea was absolutely egregious, though it certainly deemed worthy of a penalty. Any hit to the head of quarterback brings high emotions. If you’re the 49ers, you have to fight for something right?

I don’t blame Carlos Hyde for fighting back after Frostee Rucker pushed him to the ground. He almost had to or else it would of been a terrible look for him. Both men were kicked out.

When you’re 0-9, it’s easy to get fed up and throw all sensible logistics out the window. The Cardinals linebacker Haason Reddick was also ejected from the game.

There seemed to be a recurring theme in all the major fights in that unsuccessful teams who were losing on Sunday were apart of the bodacious brawling. At least they are showing they still care, even if it means going down swinging.


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