Late TD Provides All-Time Miraculous Gambling Cover

For those like myself who like to do a little gambling on NFL games went through a range of emotions last night. Gambling reared its ugly or beautiful head last night depending on your bet in the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Washington Redskins game Monday Night.

Adrenaline is constantly pumping when you have a close bet going on the line. You sweat, freak out, shout for joy, and finally laugh and or cry. It’s not always great for you but it gets the heart pumping blood.

Just when you think you can settle down from a game ending Harrison Butker kick, or you think it’s over, this happens:

Absolutely wild! Nothing but a throw away, desperation final attempt to the conclusion of a great game, and the hearts of many just jumped into your throat.

As you can see above the Chiefs were a 7.5 favorite, if you had the Redskins you thought this was in the bag, Same thing with the over at 48.5.  That’s gambling in a nutshell, it’s never over.

This is especially worse since it all could have been sealed had Josh Doctson come down with this catch.

That’s the kinda stuff that will make you rip out your eye balls from your body and smash a few bottles.

Now not to brag but I was in the group of people who benefitted from this ending touchdown by Justin Houston. Let me tell you, it’s a very fleeting high. Today though, I sympathize with people who were on the losing end because that’s happened to all of us before.

The Gambling gods can be cruel and grateful. If you vomited after that play, it would totally make sense. I almost put a hole through my floor from celebration.

It’s hard to describe sometimes the way these things go, it’s like everything either tastes sweeter in that moment.

When you lose, you feel lower than dirt, the sickening feeling creeps from head to toe. There’s nothing you can do and now the whole day is just wasted.

Such a fickle beast this game is, gotta love it……until you lost a bad one and hate it again.

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