No Need To Worry, Jets Will Tank Still

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, the Jets can’t get anyone on their side no matter what they do. Amidst a season long plan to tank for the #1 pick, Gang Green tripped up and accidentally won their home opener against the Miami Dolphins 20-6. Fans were NOT happy about this.

People are freaking out that the Jets are screwing up the system, I’m here to tell you though to relax, the tank is still on. It’s also wonderful that they got this win out of the way, now focusing on losing the final 13.

Let’s get one thing straight, yeah we want the Jets to a have an awful record, but we (or at least I) do not want them to live in historical obscurity of a winless 0-16. Yep, they beat history!

You might be concerned that with upcoming games against other futile teams like the Jaguars and Browns will continue this unwanted winning trend. Don’t you worry though, the Jets had a nice week, but that won’t sustain long term.

For starters Jacksonville has a vicious defense now, they emasculated the Ravens in London this week. If they can handle Joe Flacco, I’m sure they can handle Josh McCown. The Browns game is clearly a toss up but it will be in Cleveland, you just don’t know what kind of defense for the Jets will show up.

Think about who they just defeated anyway,  Jay Cutler’s been on the team for like maybe a month, he is still figuring things out. Even last week when they won, Miami only put up 19 points, not exactly lighting the scoreboard on fire.

20 points may have been enough for the Jets this week, but that won’t cut it for most weeks moving forward.

Other than these games the Jets still play the Patriots twice and all of the mostly dangerous NFC South. We all know how great some of that divisions’ offense have.

The real competition are the other fellow tankers since the Jets won’t be winning more than 3 games. Luckily for them, many of these candidates either already have a quarterback or drafted a young rookie in  the previous year. This leaves a team like the San Francisco 49ers as one of the legitimate threats.

It almost might benefit the Jets to land the 2nd pick for the next draft. Every year normally begs a question of should you take this guy or that guy? If your pick number 2, it’s no sweat off your back. Just need to pray you have more of a Tim CouchDonovan McNabb situation than an Andrew LuckRGIII ordeal. You especially don’t want to be on the back end of Peyton ManningRyan Leaf type draft.

Previous history will show that the Jets can be counted on to royally mess thiss pick up.

Save the freaking out for another time because 1 win won’t kill the Jets. They’re building the pieces now, so enjoy when Jamal Adams and Macrus Maye excel at safety and don’t hold your head when McCown throws a pick, it’s all part of the bigger picture. The Jets don’t blow out teams often, if they have to win 1 game this year let it be like this.


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