Is Sean McVay Coach of the Year Already?

If I were to tell you that through 4 weeks of football, the Los Angeles Rams were the highest scoring team in the NFL, you would rightfully call me crazy. You gotta be kidding me, it’s a fact, we’ve all lost our minds. Talk about a quick escalation, the Rams, and their offense specifically, have wildly exceeded expectations.

There’s a few pieces that were put together to get this motor running, if you had to credit one guy though it all goes to new head coach Sean McVay. The 31 years young rookie coach has completely flipped the memo of the Rams to the surprise of everyone.

Offensive minded head coach doesn’t even begin to describe him. Did you see McVay on the Thursday Night game? He’s sitting on the side drawing plays while his defense is on the field. He literally couldn’t care less about what they did, McVay just wants the ball back instantly.

There must be plenty of faith in d-coordinator Wade Phillips, he’s pretty much the baby sitter. You know he had to be happy defeating his old Dallas Cowboys team at their place on Sunday.

McVay has taken a team that would do the lambada for a touchdown, to consistently putting up 30 points like it’s shooting fish in a barrel. What’s he done to get the team better? Well, it starts with new players that were given to him.

Last offseason the Rams performed moves such as boosting up their offensive line, and finally acquiring credible receivers. Sammy Watkins came over in a trade and Robert Woods through free agency. They also hit the money in the draft by picking Cooper Kupp with the 69th pick of the 3rd round, Kupp has turned into a sure handed quick receiver and a useful weapon in their attack.

Now that Sean McVay was given an actual passing game combined with a strong line, he was able to get production out of Jared Goff with an offense that better propitiates to him. Goff went 0-7 last season and was believed to be a bust by many. As of today he has many people eating crow while making a case for comeback player of the year.

Part of this plan included the reemergence of Todd Gurley. It’s no question that Gurley had a down year last season after a prolific rookie campaign. Last season’s mishaps weren’t always on him, they just had nothing around him so the defense had one mission, stop Gurley.

Give one other teammate to think about and Gurley looks like a different person. Allow him to reintroduce himself! It’s running, passing, everything else involved, Gurely has improved which has made Goff improved. One hand washes the other.

At 142 points and 35 points averaged a game, the Rams are back. The turnaround has started because of McVay, he’s reinvigorated the offense in a way no one saw coming from this team. The scary part is, the defense hasn’t even played great in the past 2 weeks! Just wait until they do.

Their 3-1 record has them atop of the NFC West. After some brutal injuries to the Seattle Seahawks over the weekend, they might just be on the ropes. Sunday’s win over the Cowboys was a statement win for the Rams, a confidence is growing by way of their coach. 30 points a game from a team like this went from unthinkable, to unbeatable.


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