The NFL has a problem at Quarterback

Devasting news struck the NFL yesterday Houston Texans rookie Quarterback Deshaun Watson tore his ACL in practice and will miss the rest of the season. The young group of QB’s who we feel can take things over from Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers etc… Are the group of Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, Derek Carr, Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Carson Wentz, and Watson. Of this group the only two who have not missed a snap are Wilson and Wentz, to be fair Winston hasn’t missed a start and has only left one game early. Luck who when taken was supposed to be the next NFL Great has now been shut down for the year and has missed time each of the last two years. Carr was on his way to taking the Oakland Raiders to the AFC Championship Game last year before he got hurt in Week 17. Mariota missed time at the end of each of his first two seasons and already got hurt again this year. Now add Watson to this list, which is really upsetting for the league.

This is such a far cry from this previous generation of QB’s with the exception of Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers none of this previous group ever leaves the field. Tom Brady tore his ACL in 2008 and missed the season and was suspended for four games last year other than that he has never come off the field played every game he could. Eli Manning drafted first overall in 2004 traded to the New York Giants has played all 16 games every season and all 7 games this year has not missed a game in 13 years. Philip Rivers after he took over from Drew Bress has played every game for the Los Angeles Chargers. Bress since going to New Orleans has missed one game in which he was rested at the end of the year in 2009. Peyton Manning never missed a game from 1998-2010 until he missed 2011 with a neck injury. When he got to Denver three straight years in which he played every game, then he got benched in 2015 benched not hurt folks. It was for performance and they made up an injury as a smokescreen for the fact he was the worst QB in football. And the obvious example was Brett Farve who played every game from 1993 to Mid-season 2010 for the Packers, Jets, and Vikings.

This is a problem for the NFL to hopefully will change.

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