Time for Patriots fans to face a harsh reality

Just two weeks out from the start of NFL Traning Camps everybody in and around Foxboro, Massachusetts including myself have never been more excited for a New England Patriots season. Just months removed from this team winning it’s fifth Super Bowl title in the new century in the most improbable fashion. Overcoming a 28-3 deficit to the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 51 to officially put an end to the debates around Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and the team in their place among the all-time greats in the sport.

We have then seen an offseason in which the team has acted like they were the ones who blew the 28-3 lead, it started on the first day of Free Agency when the team handed out a five-year sixty-five million dollar contract to Pro Bowl Cornerback Stephon Gilmore. Followed up by trading for Tight End Dwayne Allen from the Indianapolis Colts,  Defensive End Kony Ealy from the Carolina Panthers, then trading for Wide Receiver Brandin Cooks from the New Orleans Saints. Then the re-signed linebacker Donta Hightower kept Cornerback Malcolm Butler added running back Rex Burkhead from the Cincinnati Bengals and another running back in Mike Gillislee from the Buffalo Bills. It feels like the Patriots are almost as much of a lock to win a Championship as the Golden State Warriors. The sun is out in Foxboro we’re all at the beach the girls look good, we are throwing back beers, cooking burgers we have with our feet in the sand having a good time, however, miles off shore a tsunami gathers.

Through all the moves the Patriots have made this season the biggest move was the one they didn’t make. Jimmy Garoppolo is still here the 2014 2nd round pick is entering the final year of his deal, and he dazzled in the two games he played in the 2016-17 season. Teams were chomping at the bit to get the young star QB out of One Patriot Place, and he went nowhere. So why would the team keep the quarterback that is the backup to the greatest Quarterback to ever live who is playing the best football of his career at age 39 somehow? It’s very simple everyone Bill Belichick is throwing Tom Brady a going away party, I have come to the conclusion no matter what happens this season the team is handing the keys to the car to Garoppolo. I don’t know why any other reason why the team kept the player that could have netted them many high draft picks.

So my messages to my fellow Pats fans enjoy this season with all of your hearts because there is a good chance at this time next year, we show up to training camp and Tom Brady isn’t here.

Cameron Vieira is a contributing writer for gmbsports.com. Follow him on Twitter @CamInTaunton,“Like” him on Facebook and add him to your Google network

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