What are the New York Giants doing?

Late yesterday afternoon news broke out of East Rutherford that the New York Giants are benching Eli Manning. What makes it all the more puzzling is that instead of turning the team to Rookie 3rd Round Pick Davis Webb, the Giants are handing the job to Geno Smith. At least if they were turning the job to Davis you can make the argument you can at least argue they were trying to develop the QB of the future. However, instead of doing that they are embarrassing the greatest QB to ever play for the team who won them two Super Bowls for Geno Smith. Even if they are trying to tank the rest of the season, they can do that with Manning who is in obvious decline. He had the worst year of his career last year, and it has only gotten worse this year.

What makes this all the more stunning is the fact that Manning is one of the few guys on that team that has stood up for Ben McAdoo. So I feel this might be an ownership demand coming from John Mara who Manning said wasn’t there to meet him yesterday, when McAdoo and GM Jerry Resse broke the news to him. Now like I said they are trying to assure as high a pick as possible and if the season ended today they would have the 3rd overall pick, and maybe they see a possibility of slipping to two when the San Fransico 49ers naming Jimmy Garoppolo their starting QB.

So the Giants in the middle of perhaps the single worst season in their long history, feel the need to drag the name of the greatest QB in team history through the mud. Even if you want to move on from him you should wait until after the season, and you shouldn’t name Geno Freaking Smith the starter. This move has infuriated former Giants players and current Giants players, making it all the pathetic is the fact the Giants offered Manning the chance to start to keep his streak of 210 straight starts going. That is the saddest detail of all to drag the name of the future Hall of Famer QB like this for Geno Smith. Well Done Giants, Well Done.

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