Dustin Johnson Is Living the Life

Being a pro, actor, or musician is like 1 of the ultimate awesome jobs to have. If I were given a choice for what professional sport to play if I had that great enough ability, I would probably pick golf. You get to play only in the summer and travel to the most beautiful places in the world, your work schedule is only a couple of hours from Thursday to Sunday, and you still get paid even if you don’t come in 1st. By the chance you do win, especially if it’s a major championship, you become an instant large figure in golf by accomplish 1 of those 4, the money’s great too. The injuries aren’t bad either and your career lasts so much more longer than if you were to play football or basketball. Life on the PGA is pretty awesome.

No person on that tour is loving life better than Dustin Johnson, this guy has like a perfect life. Before even reaching the premiere major of the season, Johnson has built up some credit for being the man. Last year he achieved his 1st major championship when he took the U.S. Open (shot a final round 69, nice) victoriously. He followed up this season early already by winning 2 tournaments and claiming the #1 world golf ranking in the world. Oh, and helped the U.S. win the Ryder Cup. What I love though is how calm and even keeled DJ is. He just seems very causal, answering in interviews he’s claimed that being #1 is nice but wasn’t a real career goal for him, he just wanted to win every tournament and that obviously works itself out. Listen to the Barstool Sports presented Fore Play podcast to hear more Dustin Johnson praiseworthy things.

Self awareness is key, Dustin Johnson enjoys where he is in life. As if winning 2 events already this year was nice, DJ will also be having a 2nd boy. Did I mention that his baby momma/longtime partner is the beautifully gorgeous and attractive Paulina Gretzky?  I don’t see how he could ever have a bad day. Even his father in law, the greatest NHL player of all time Wayne Gretzky, has sung his praises anytime the chance is there. This is how they announced the sex of the child too.

It looks like she’s been learning a little golf from Dustin too, and taking after it well:

Chilling on the beach with your girlfriend in between outings, damn that’s awesome. Johnson is balancing his work and leisure schedule nicely. This dude bombs drives down the fairways and is really finding the right spot in his game, putting was 1 of his struggles but he has done so much better at it. DJ will for sure be a favor going into the Masters tournament early April, some critics say that at Johnson’s age he is in the prime of his playing career, well that’s some kinda prime to have. If not the Masters, I see a couple more major championships along the path of Johnson’s career.


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