Jon Jones Legacy In Jeopardy From Steroid Bust

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Get busted with steroids twice, cause a hit and run on a pregnant woman and have copious amounts of cocaine in your system? Well than you’re just a fool. Stop me if you heard this before, but Jon Jones tested positive for steroids.

We may never see Jones in the octagon again, and he has no person to blame but himself. Just a shame all around, I was even one that was rooting for him to become champion again, hoping he was going to turnaround and show remorse. Though remorse was shown on the face of Jones, it was nothing different than your favorite televisions episode, just an act.

Even the largest fan of Jones can’t defend this incredible display of foolishness, especially after you look back at Jones’ tweet form a few weeks before the fight:

The ultimate form of embarrassment, turning the tables, whatever else you want to call it.

Sadly, if Jones storied career were to be finished in the UFC, it will be looked upon as a waste of talent. Jones was sky rocketing to the moon, but he messed up too many times. If wasn’t already on the last straw, this one for sure broke the camels back.

I actually respected some of Jones honesty in previous fights where he talked about still defeating Daniel Cormier even after going on a bender of cocaine. Morally it’s obviously wrong, but hey, he didn’t try to detracts or give an excuse for hit like other athletes do. He just admitted he liked it, all those fun and gems are out the window now.

The roughest loss in all of this is not even Jon Jones, it’s Daniel Cormier. His toughest rival, the one guy Cormier could not defat yet in his career even after coming so unbelievably close one month ago, gets nothing out of this. He still has that head injury from the leg kick and that crushing feel of a loss.

Jones has the ran out of chances or luck. Dana White was already unhappy with him to begin with, time and time again Jones threw a wrench into his activities. Great as he is, this is how he will go out.

Will we ever see him fight again? I bet we will but no apart of the UFC promotion. He doesn’t deserve another shot in the top MMA corporation, but lower companies surely won’t have any gripes about bringing along a main draw.

Wasted talent, a waste of who could have been what is commonly phrased today as the GOAT. Maybe there’s chance we can get Jones vs Brock Lesnar in a steroid legal sanctioned bout. Unless that happens, this fight will also be off the table.


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