Keep The Singh Brothers With Jinder

Coming from news out of PW Mania last week, it’s unfortunately looking like the Singh Brothers will be written off of television. Once Jinder Mahal hit Sunil with the Khallas on Smackdown Live after their loss to A.J. Styles, that seems set in stone that it’s curtains for the formerly known as Bollywood Boys. This may may leave many fans unhappy.

While I enjoy the new look gimmick of Jinder Mahal (the entrance especially), many fans have become unrestful. Jinder’s constant same monotone promos paired with is less than stellar in ring work has not gotten him over with crowds even as a heel. What’s kept Jinder around though and made fans care have been the job of the Singh Brothers.

It’s without question that both Samir and Sunil are the best part of the modern day maharaja. The fans love the Singh Bro’s with almost everything they do. Deservedly so, these guys have put in the work to earn the praise.

For starters, no one takes bumps like the Singh Brothers do. How many times did you rewatch the bumps they took landing on the table from a suplex by Randy Orton. What about crashing through the announce table after falling from the Punjabi Prison.

Taking a Styles Clash off the top turnbuckle has yet to be seen in the WWE, only the Singh Brothers have done it. That’s because they’re willing to do whatever it takes to put out the best product they possibly can.

If their bumps weren’t enough, they both hold their own on the mic. Yes most of the times they are just introducing Jinder to come out, but they also bring great facial expression when hyping up Mahal. Their mocking of Shinsuke Nakamura’s hand gestures and inner movments is a perfect example.

Jinder Mahal isn’t where he’s at today, plain and simple. The Singh Brother’s work as outside ring distractions was over with fans more than most acts on the card. In a way they saved Jinder, people wanted to see just them.

It would be sad to see them out of the ring off tv. Hopefully this doesn’t mean they’re out of the company either. Maybe there’s a plan to bring them back in the tag team division, but with new teamed Bludgeon Brothers and the rise of Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable, that seems unlikely.

One thing that is for sure is they won’t stop working. During an interview with Chris Jericho, both men talked about all the work they put in just to break into the business, they will certainly pop up somewhere. Let’s hope this isn’t the last we see of the Singh Brothers. It would be a shame if they go away. If you want to keep Jinder as a main card figure, you need his other guys to boost his stature.


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